As a young child Jeanelle realized that she enjoys helping others reach their potential. Later, she decided that becoming a teacher could help her do this. Over time, her delight in cooking compelled her to combine both experiences. Jeanelle says, “Finally, I can weave both passions together and use them to teach the art of cooking.”

All of her life Jeanelle has had the opportunity to live in the tradition of wonderful southern comfort. When Jeanelle’s grandmother came to live with her, she added flair and a special spark to what Jeanelle’s mom had already taught her. This was family first, holiday festivities and down-home cooking. Every day was a gift to the family. “My mother and grandmother understood that a wonderful meal helps to soothe the soul.”

Simple potluck dinners Jeanelle took over all of the family’s simple potluck dinners. “Before my eyes, my enthusiasm blossomed into a small catering business. I have catered bridal and baby showers and birthday celebrations as well. But, the possibilities for different gatherings seems to have no end.” The idea to teach culinary arts began to thrive. Now, Jeanelle has chosen to devote more time to sharing the joys of cooking with others.

One purpose allows clients to have a hands-on culinary experience where they can learn to master a dish of their choice. Cooking together is an intimate experience where families and couples can eat restaurant-style in the comfort of their own home. Jeanelle believes, “Sitting down to a meal that you have prepared with love helps you savor every bite.”